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Learning to connect with Life.

Welcome to The Yoga Center, Yoga Tribe.

The Yoga Center is a shared community first born in our backyard for those who wanted to reconnect with this ground beneath our feet, this sky above our heads, and this humanity that lies within.

Today, the spirit lives on as we gather the Nature and bring it inside, into our studio and our every day lives.

OUR Vision

The Garden Yoga Center began in our backyard with the purpose of bringing back a simpler version of yoga, returning to the grounded foundations and essence of this practice.


Today it lives on as The Yoga Center. Combining both Natural and Human elements, our hope is to heal, and teach that yoga exists in our daily lives, whether in studio or outdoors. Simply, Yoga is living.

Tropical Leaves

Meeting Our Team

Szymon Wojcik



Emma Morandy


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